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Home Energy Improvements Hit Chicago’s Residential Radar


The City of Chicago has recently launched the residential phase of its Retrofit Chicago Program, which opens the possibility for substantial energy savings for the single family homes and multi-unit buildings that make up half of the city’s energy consumption. 

The process of home retrofitting can be a confusing one.  But the City’s program aims to make the process as easy and as affordable as possible.  Non-profits, energy companies, and city government programs have partnered to support the program, including our very own CNT Energy.

Making A Contribution to National Energy Efficiency

In a recent study comparing the energy efficiency of 12 of the world's largest economies, the United States was ranked 9th --with the United Kingdom taking first place. With statistics like that, making energy efficiency improvements to your home may seem like a challenge.

National Movement toward Energy Disclosure

This year, voices advocating energy efficiency resonate loudly throughout the U.S.  The energy rating and disclosure movement expands from city to city—showing people want to know facts about their buildings’ energy performance.  New York City, Austin, DC, San Francisco, and Seattle already passed legislation regarding energy disclosure.  Joining these cities are Boston and

Mayor Emanuel Announces Support for Municipal Aggregation

Municipal aggregation offers opportunities for savings, but a more long-term approach to household electricity savings is energy efficient home improvements such as adding insulation or switching to efficient compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. These changes are lasting, and will improve energy usage, increase annual savings, and improve the value of your home, free from a reliance on third party.

Growing Desire for Energy Transparency

MyHomeEQ supports the Green Button initiative and other efforts to provide homeowners more information about their utility use. Homeowners shouldn’t feel “left in the dark” in terms of what goes into their utility bills.

Federal Tax Credits for Home Energy Efficiency Renewed!

Some of the most popular federal income tax credits for home energy efficiency improvements have been renewed for 2011. While the new credits are smaller than the 2010 credits, they still provide a great incentive for homeowners to make needed upgrades.

The 2011 tax credits return 10% of the cost of certain heating, cooling, and building envelope improvements, up to $ 500, with these exceptions:

DOE Launches Home Energy Scoring Program

The US Department of Energy has announced that they're developing a scoring system for energy efficient homes, something that we're very excited about at MyHomeEQ. See part of the press release below.