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MyHomeEQ is dedicated to making energy efficiency data available to homeowners that want to make their homes more energy efficient. But, we also understand that the information about your home is personal to you, so we consider data security and privacy one of our highest priorities. 


Home Searches and Home Details Shown

The home characteristic data shown is based on publically accessible data, typically from the local assessors office, from which we have modelled the energy usage characteristics. Based on statistical analysis of large sets of homes, we determine typical energy usage characteristics of a home with the structural characteristics of the home being shown. Users have the ability to update the characteristics of their home, but then must create an account in order to save that data and view it again at a later date. Other users will only see the basic characteristics typical of that type of home.


The information shown should in no way be assumed to a completely accurate representation of the home, but is simply a starting point for further analysis.


Modeled Energy Usage from Home Characteristics

MyHomeEQ uses the home characteristics, whether modeled or user provided, to determine the estimated energy usage. The energy usage is generated by the Home Energy Saver™ calculation engine*, based on the details provided by MyHomeEQ.


Actual Usage Data from ComEd

Users can enter their ComEd account number and allow MyHomeEQ to retrieve their actual electricity usage from ComEd, which is then used to make the comparisons and recommendations more accurate. The ComEd account number is encrypted within MyHomeEQ and is not displayed anywhere on the site or even available to our staff. Like updated home characteristics, the ComEd usage is only available to the user that has provided the account number and is not visible to anyone else.


For more information, please review our terms of use.


*This site is powered by Berkeley Lab’s Home Energy Saver™ calculation engine, but is not endorsed or certified by Berkeley Lab. User data collected by Berkeley Lab will be treated according to the HES privacy policy and will only be shared with the entity that originally submitted the data via the API data exchange process (i.e. the program or website you are currently using).