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Residential Survey Reveals Insight on Energy Consumption

The U.S. Energy Information Administration released its most recent residential survey, analyzing the country’s energy consumption as of 2009. 

Air Seal Your Walls

Sealing up all the cracks, gaps and holes in your home will ensure that conditioned air, which has been warmed by your heater or cooled by your air conditioner, stays inside longer. Air sealing can include everything from installing weatherstripping and door sweeps to plugging gaps around your window frames, door frames, behind baseboards and moldings, and around the places where floor meet walls, known as rim and band joists.

Alternatives to Window Replacement

Homeowners typically consider replacing windows an obvious energy conservation measure and are surprised when an energy audit does not identify this renovation as a priority. While it is true that modern window technologies such as double-pane glass promise greater energy savings, the cost of quality window replacements is significant.

Federal Tax Credits for Home Energy Efficiency Renewed!

Some of the most popular federal income tax credits for home energy efficiency improvements have been renewed for 2011. While the new credits are smaller than the 2010 credits, they still provide a great incentive for homeowners to make needed upgrades.

The 2011 tax credits return 10% of the cost of certain heating, cooling, and building envelope improvements, up to $ 500, with these exceptions: