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Mayor Emanuel Announces Support for Municipal Aggregation

Municipal aggregation offers opportunities for savings, but a more long-term approach to household electricity savings is energy efficient home improvements such as adding insulation or switching to efficient compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. These changes are lasting, and will improve energy usage, increase annual savings, and improve the value of your home, free from a reliance on third party.

Growing Desire for Energy Transparency

MyHomeEQ supports the Green Button initiative and other efforts to provide homeowners more information about their utility use. Homeowners shouldn’t feel “left in the dark” in terms of what goes into their utility bills.

Rising Energy Prices this Fall

Paying for utilities bills can be troubling as it is, but the burden on homeowners' wallets will get even worse as energy costs rise this fall. The need for home energy efficiency will become even more important.

MyHomeEQ in the Press

We were very happy to have been mentioned in Barbara Lonergan's "We Caught You Doing Something Cool" piece on March 23rd.  Barabara noted us as a free tool for homeowners to learn about their home's efficiency.  "We Caught You Doing Something Cool" is a regular feature of Elmhurst’s Cool Cities Coalition. If you spot someone around Elmhurst doing something cool to impact the environment, contact Elmhurst Cool Cities at 

Nicor Boiler Rebate

Nicor has just announced a special limited time rebate for its customers who purchase a qualifying boiler between January 1, 2012 and March 31, 2012.  This is a great opportunity, especially for anyone who has been considering a boiler purchase but has been putting it off due to the cost.  If you are replacing your old boiler because it failed, ask your contractor about this and any other available rebates.  Don't let our mild start to winter confuse you, cold weather is coming and a more efficient boiler can reduce your energy costs.