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Efficient Homes Are Worth More

Energy efficient homes are worth more, so says real estate giant Trulia.  In a story posted last month citing five reasons to go-green, staff writer Tara-Nicholle Nelson presents data from the The Appraisal Journal that, "for every $1 green home improvements decreased the property's annual energy bills, the home’s value increases by $10-$25."  Using that math, effciency improvements that reduce your energy bills by $500.00 woul

MyHomeEQ in the Press

We were very happy to have been mentioned in Barbara Lonergan's "We Caught You Doing Something Cool" piece on March 23rd.  Barabara noted us as a free tool for homeowners to learn about their home's efficiency.  "We Caught You Doing Something Cool" is a regular feature of Elmhurst’s Cool Cities Coalition. If you spot someone around Elmhurst doing something cool to impact the environment, contact Elmhurst Cool Cities at 

Glencoe Home Earns LEED Platinum

On Friday, January 27th, a LEED Platinum residential certification will be awarded to Glencoe residents Natalie and Barry Slotnick.  The LEED Platinum certification is the highest level awarded by the US Green Building Council.  The Slotnick's home is only Illinois' second new construction home to achieve this impressive certification.

Making Efficiency Trendy in Home Buying

Orange Shag Carpeting? Or Granite Countertops?

We all know that real estate gets trendy. And there’s nothing like a home sale to tell you if you are in or out of fashion. Homes with the orange shag sell for less. Homes with the new granite sell for more.

Increasing the Value of Energy Efficiency Retrofits

At MyHomeEQ, we're convinced that the value of home efficiency improvements shouldn't be limited to the savings on your utility bills, though the long-term payback there is frequently better than investing in the stock market, especially in the last few years. Energy efficiency retrofits are home improvements, just like upgrading your kitchen counters or getting stainless steel appliances, and should improve the overall value and equity of your home.