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Wall Street Journal Reports Majority of Homes Have Comfort Issues

Are some rooms in your home stiflingly hot in the summer?  Does frigid air keep you out of certain areas of your home in the winter?  You’re not alone! 

Replacing Your Furnace or Boiler

Replacing mechanical equipment is generally cost-effective only when your old equipment is in poor condition. Before you replace this expensive piece of equipment, think about other, cheaper ways to make your home more energy efficient like air sealing and insulation.

Air Seal and Insulate Your Attic

The cost of heating and cooling indoor air accounts for a big portion of a home’s utility bills. All types of buildings experience a continual exchange of air, and some airflow is desirable. However, minimizing excessive warm air leaking into your home during the summer and out of the building during winter should be a priority for any homeowner looking to lower their energy bills.