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Study Reveals Green Homes Sell for More in California

An article featured in the climate section of Think Progress revealed that green-certified homes in California sell for 9% more than the average home. 

University professors from the State compared homes in California with similar sale prices, location, size, amenities, and age of the home.  The results of this comparison showed that homes with an ENERGY STAR™ label, a LEED certification, or a California green-home rating system called Greenpoint sells for approximately $35,000 more than the average non-green-certified home, which sells for around $400,000. 

National Movement toward Energy Disclosure

This year, voices advocating energy efficiency resonate loudly throughout the U.S.  The energy rating and disclosure movement expands from city to city—showing people want to know facts about their buildings’ energy performance.  New York City, Austin, DC, San Francisco, and Seattle already passed legislation regarding energy disclosure.  Joining these cities are Boston and

Glencoe Home Earns LEED Platinum

On Friday, January 27th, a LEED Platinum residential certification will be awarded to Glencoe residents Natalie and Barry Slotnick.  The LEED Platinum certification is the highest level awarded by the US Green Building Council.  The Slotnick's home is only Illinois' second new construction home to achieve this impressive certification.