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Study Reveals Green Homes Sell for More in California

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August 16, 2012 - 1:44pm

An article featured in the climate section of Think Progress revealed that green-certified homes in California sell for 9% more than the average home. 

University professors from the State compared homes in California with similar sale prices, location, size, amenities, and age of the home.  The results of this comparison showed that homes with an ENERGY STAR™ label, a LEED certification, or a California green-home rating system called Greenpoint sells for approximately $35,000 more than the average non-green-certified home, which sells for around $400,000. 

The study also revealed the most common green features of the homes.  Insulation, air sealing in the attic and in walls, weather stripping, and increasing the efficiency of HVAC systems are among the ways that homeowners in California are improving their homes.  These home improvements are more inexpensive, manageable projects that often lead to fast results in increased efficiency and subsequent home energy savings. 

MyHomeEQ helps homeowners in the Chicagoland area make the above improvements—and many more—to contribute to their home’s energy efficiency. Like California, the City of Chicago is paying more attention to the benefits and need for improved energy efficiency.  In February of 2012, Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED), Chicagoland’s multiple listing service (MLS), announced its introduction of additional green design, disclosure, and data verification to its connectMLS™ system.  This allows homeowners to post green disclosure documents pertaining to energy efficiency remodeling projects.  Among the accepted MRED documents is an energy report from MyHomeEQ, which a homeowner may receive upon the successful completion of a home improvement project.  As this trend continues, green-certified homes will become increasingly sought after real estate. 

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