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Rising Energy Prices this Fall

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June 13, 2012 - 2:44pm

Paying for utilities bills can be troubling as it is, but the burden on homeowners' wallets will get even worse as energy costs rise this fall.  The need for home energy efficiency will become ever more important.  Crain’s Chicago Business estimates that ComEd utility rates will jump by the end of this year and may sit 9 percent higher in January 2013. What does this hike in rates suggest for Chicago-area residents’ energy bills?  It means that monthly utility costs for the average homeowner would increase to about $89.44— That is almost $100 more on energy bills every year.

No need to groan yet!  A remedy to this problem lies in home improvement.  Those inefficient air conditioners, leaky insulation, and drafty attic in your home work together to feed the monster of your bills.  Take action by making your home more energy efficient.  The online energy audit provided by MyHomeEQ guides you toward saving money.  In the end, you can feel satisfied after dodging surging energy costs. 


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