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National Movement toward Energy Disclosure

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July 16, 2012 - 10:48am

This year, voices advocating energy efficiency resonate loudly throughout the U.S.  The energy rating and disclosure movement expands from city to city—showing people want to know facts about their buildings’ energy performance.  New York City, Austin, DC, San Francisco, and Seattle already passed legislation regarding energy disclosure.  Joining these cities are Boston and Philadelphia, which have started similar initiatives in recent months.

So, what exactly is energy disclosure?  Policy variations exist between cities, but here’s the general idea:  Nonresidential and large building owners can now keep track of their water and energy usage (called “benchmarking”), and tools like online-tracking programs help with this goal.  By bringing awareness to landowners and encouraging well-informed choices, disclosure already saved property owners 6 to 7 percent of energy use.

MyHomeEQ supports these innovative initiatives and also contributes to the cause.  Our online tool brings energy disclosure to Illinois homeowners.  Those who embrace this opportunity can benefit from smart, comfortable home upgrades and huge savings.

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