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Energy Efficient Homes Sell Fast

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June 11, 2012 - 12:13pm

Plenty of evidence exists showing that an energy efficient home is more comfortable and involves lower utility bills. Now there's growing evidence that an energy efficient home will sell for more and sell more quickly than comparable homes that are less efficient. A recent article in the Washington Post highlighted this, noting an energy efficient home sold in only 6 days! The article said in part, "Shoppers loved seeing the energy audit, the upgrades and the seller’s full disclosures. The house sold six days after listing for $50,000 more than any energy-wasting, nearby comparables." This is great information for homeowners considering improving their home's efficiency. Before, they knew it will make their home more comfortable and reduce their energy bills, but now they know that the investment will also benefit them when they eventually sell their home. That's a great piece of mind; more comfort and less energy today, higher home price and quicker home sale tomorrow. 

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