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About MyHomeEQ ℠
MyHomeEQ makes it easy to make your home energy efficient. By providing information on the costs and benefits of specific home improvements, access to trusted contractors and cost-reducing rebates and financing, MyHomeEQ will lead you through the energy-efficiency process, making your home more comfortable, efficient and ultimately more valuable. We’re also working with realtors to make sure homebuyers know the value of an efficient home so your home is more valuable to them. We offer:
Simplicity. With access to your gas and electric utility usage and information about your home, we can make specific home improvement recommendations, without you having to answer hundreds of detailed questions or paying for an energy audit.
Accuracy. We have years of experience estimating energy efficiency and making specific home improvement recommendations. Together with data on 1.1 million homes, that means more accurate MyHomeEQs and recommendations for home improvement.
Value. MyHomeEQ is free for you. The costs of making your home more efficient are high enough. We’re here to help you reap the benefits, not lighten your wallet.
Comfort. The number one reason people complete home improvements is that it makes their home more comfortable. Everyone wants value. We want you to be comfortable.


MyHomeEQ LLC was created through a partnership of Elevate Energy and RW Ventures. In Northern Illinois, it is a part of the Energy Impact Illinois program.
Elevate Energy
Elevate Energy helps people do more with less energy. We design and implement efficiency programs that lower costs, protect the environment, and ensure the benefits of energy efficiency reach those who need them most. Elevate Energy is an affiliate of the Center for Neighborhood Technology. Find out more at
RW Ventures
RW Ventures LLC is a consulting firm specializing in market-based strategies for regional and community economic development. Find out more at

Energy Impact Illinois
The Energy Impact Illinois (EI2) program will connect you with a trusted energy advocate to help you identify how your home uses energy – and wastes it – and identify the most cost-effective improvements you can make for a more efficient and comfortable home. We’ll serve as your advocate through the entire process and help you find rebates and loans to reduce the cost of energy efficiency improvements. The Energy Impact Illinois program is led by Elevate Energy, a nonprofit organization dedicated to smarter energy use for all.  Find out more at